First Amendment News 271: New and forthcoming books issue: The 2020-2021 list

First Amendment News 271: New and forthcoming books issue: The 2020-2021 list

2020-09-16 18:03:21

Robert Corn-Revere

In this special issue, we offer a wide range of new and forthcoming books on free expression. In the latter category is one that merits special attention — Robert Corn-Revere’s “The Mind of the Censor and the Eye of the Beholder” (Cambridge University Press, 2021). With this book, Corn-Revere returns to the ranks of practicing First Amendment lawyers who have authored books on free speech — e.g. Floyd Abrams, Martin GarbusLee Levine, Charles Rembar, and Theodore Schroeder (also Ian Rosenberg, forthcoming).

With the “Mind of the Censor” Corn-Revere pivots from the world of free speech hornbook law and ventures into a wider world of readers. This eminently readable book (yes, I read the manuscript) is for anyone who wants to know more about why freedom of speech is important and how protections for free expression became part of the American identity. Beginning in the 19th century with Anthony Comstock, America’s “censor in chief,” Corn-Revere explores how censors operate and why they wore out their welcome in society at large.

Corn-Revere also explains how the same tactics were tried and eventually failed in the 20th century, with efforts to censor music, comic books, television, and other forms of popular entertainment. The historic examples illustrate not just the mindset and tactics of censors, but why they are the ultimate counterculture warriors and why, in free societies, censors never occupy the moral high ground.


2020-2021 list of books 


Dangerous Ideas cover


College campuses


Burning the Book cover

Culture wars

Flag salute cases

Government speech

Hate speech

The Revolution in Freedoms of Press and SpeechTEXT


Intellectual freedom

Workers against the City cover

Labor unions



Philosophy of free speech 

Press freedoms

    • Slanted cover



The Cost of My Faith cover

Religious speech 

Sex and censorship



Free Speech and the Suppression of Dissent During World War I cover




2020-2021 SCOTUS term: Free expression & related cases

Cert. granted

Pending petitions

First Amendment-related 

Last scheduled FAN

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